We Could Be Heroes

One of the most exciting ventures this year has been joining Paul Antony’s David Bowie tribute band Pop-Up Bowie.

Paul looks uncannily like the Thin White Duke, sounds like him and also has the moves. No wonder he was voted the UK’s Number 1 Bowie Act at the 2013 National Tribute Awards.

We played in Paul’s home town of Swanage a couple of weeks ago and the crowd was up dancing to Jean Genie, Heroes, Modern Love, Boys Keep Swinging and of course Let’s Dance.

I’ve always been a fan, but it’s only when you start playing the songs that you realise just how clever they are. Maybe it’s the vaudeville or European influence, but Bowie uses threes a lot, where the conventional rock/blues choice would be four. I don’t mean time signature, but rather the number of times a phrase repeats. I didn’t realise until I started having to count the bars, but then why would you – it would spoil the moment.

Judging by the response we’ve had in various theatres and arts centres around the country, there is clearly a market for Bowie’s music in a live context. Here’s hoping it goes on to even better things in 2015, possibly taking the show to audiences in Europe and Scandinavia.


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