Troggs Comedy Gold

I was at The Soundhouse last week dubbing the audio for the Ivors A/V.  During the many diversionary conversations with Phil, one of the owners of the studio and the engineer for the session, we got on to the subject of the Troggs Tapes.

An unwritten rule of recording studios is that when two or more sound engineers get together, lines from the legendary bootleg shall be performed.  Some of the lines are as iconic as the best of Monty Python: “You have done it tonght,” “Ronnie, split your hands,” “Did you do what Larry Page said?”, “Sprinkle some fairydust on the bastard,” “It needs a fuckin’ 12 string on it,” and of course the unforgettable, “Dubba dubba dubba dum.”

I told Phil that I was the engineer who edited the 11 minute original down to four minutes, when Dick James Music decided to release the recording on 7 inch vinyl. I was about 24 and hadn’t been an engineer at DJM Studios for very long.

The EP, which must now be worth a few quid to a collector, sounded as good as I remember it … and still made us laugh out loud. In truth, the comedy value is greatly enhanced by Reg and the others’ west country accents. I didn’t do an “F” count, but there was one “C”. Nevertheless, I hope someone has made it available on iTunes or Amazon. For the recording studio fraternity, it’s right up there with The Parrot Sketch and Tony Hancock’s The Blood Donor, while we shouldn’t forget the role it played in the inception of Spinal Tap. Thanks for the comic fairydust Reg.



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