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Inventions in the 19th Century: Vocals by Gina Murray, Jenny Bryce and Steven Kynman

At the Beach: From MamaDance library album

The Tudors: Mix of songs from The Feathered Snake craft project

Skinny Jack: Theme from ELT production Jackpot

Other Side of Midnight: Written by Mark Fishlock, Gary Sulsh and Barrie Guard

 Matter Rap: Vocals by Sara Markland

Dreamtime: Didgeridoo by Graham Wiggins

There Are No Bananas in the Sky: Vocals by Jenny Bryce

 The Canterville Ghost: Vocals by James Goode and kids from Sylvia Young Stage School

A Short Ride in Adam’s Helicopter: From the corporate video soundtrack “Fields”

Body Dance: Vocals by Tina, Ellie and Sam Doyle

It’s a Mystery: Vocals by Rachael Miller

Soho: Tenor and soprano sax by Alan Whetton

Population: Vocals by Gina Murray and Jenny Bryce

Spring Symphony: Violin by Marcus Beale, flute by Rachel Taylor

Four Babies: Vocals by Rachael Miller

Inside Out: From corporate video for the RAF

Moon: Vocals by Clare Morgan, Jenny Bryce, Gina Murray and Rachael Miller

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